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Welcome to a small piece of my world, otherwise known as (which, truth be told, I rarely update in this day of Twitter, Facebook and other social media).

What you should know about me: Until early 2007, I lived in Providence, R.I., somewhere between youth and my first middle-age crisis in a purple octagon house with Alejandro, two dogs and a cat and an assortment of fish. I'd been in the Armory District since 1989, and in Rhode Island since 1984. Now, I live in Pawtucket, in the way-cool Oak Hill area. Mom still decries the day I went to live with the "Yankees," but I grew up in North Carolina and the South will always lurk just beneath the surface. Curious about my professional achievements? Here's my resume.

What you should know about this site: It's a place for words and stories, photos and renderings, a collection of essays about the small moments in life. This being a medium that rewards short attention spans, they're compact pieces of writing. There's a little Memoriam for my late Grandmama Long, and a slide show of photos from Palm Desert, Calif. Then, you can take a video look at Spain. (You'll need Apple's free Quicktime to see it.) Check out photo galleries from Sedona and the White Mountains. and Horseneck Beach in Mass. One essay, Neighbors, is perpetually under construction. In Weather you'll find a local forecast. For car buffs, there's a look at some of the recent cars I've driven, including pix of my old Infiniti FX35, Volvo V70R and 2005 Audi allroad. For a while I drove a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Now, I'm in an '08 Acura RDX. (I like cars.) Behind Brooklyn Bridge lies a digital slide show of...the Brooklyn Bridge. (Hey, I like bridges, too.) And for astronomy fans, here's my look at the November 2003 lunar eclipse.

You'll find thinly-disguised fiction in The Merk; a Gallery of digital pix; some of Grandmama's secret southern recipes and a cast of characters page that tells you a bit about the people in my life. I've even created a place where you can get the latest headlines from And if you want the latest news be sure to check out my News Feed.

The essays take just a few minutes to peruse. Some are funny, some sad, some a bit frivolous -- sort of like life itself. If you enjoy what you read you can e-mail me. Check back every once in a while. I'll add to the collection as life unfolds.

It's all about connections, folks; I'd like to hear from you.

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